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Welcome to Premier Gymnastics Brisbane and Bayside.

We are a Brisbane based gymnastics program which operates out of two leading private girls schools.

Our Head Coaches are renowned leaders in their chosen fields and we offer quality competitive and recreational programs.

Premier Brisbane Venue is at Somerville House , Murray Evans Aquatic Sports Centre, Stephens Rd South Brisbane.

Premier Bayside Venue is at Moreton Bay Girls College, Hargreaves Rd, Wynnum West. You do not have to be a current student at either school to enrol.

Both venues offer- Kindy Gymnastics, General Gymnastics and Competitive National Levels Artistic Gymnastics and National and International Rhythmic Gymnastics and home of Olympian Danielle Prince. Our Bayside venue also offers Aerobics.

Gymnastics is an excellent ‘first sport’ for all children. Owner and Manager Nicki Robbins is a qualified Health and Physical Education Teacher as well as accredited coach and International FIG Judge in WAG and the State Judging Coordinator for Gymnastics Queensland. All our programmes are based on basic movement fundamentals essential in the early physical development of young children. Gymnastics is one of the only sports that targets all components of fitness!

Enquiries can be made anytime by phoning 3249 9376. Or email us