Artistic Gymnastics

Premier Gymnastics has a proud competitive history since the club was established in October 2014 and in previous years as Spring Hill Gymnastics and Moreton Bay College Gymnastics.  Our Head Coaches, Debbie O’Carroll and Lacie Jones, are very well respected in the gymnastics arena.

Foundation Levels 1 & 2

Gymnasts who display a high level of strength, conditioning and overall quality are selected from our General Gymnastics programs to enter our Gym Stars and Development classes.  These classes are for gymnasts who enjoy a challenge and would like to enter competitions.  Weekly training hours start at 2 per week and increase up to 6 per week.  Classes are held at both our Brisbane and Bayside venues.

Competitive Levels 3 to 10

Premier Competitive Teams cater for gymnasts who are in the Australian National Levels 3 to 10.  To be selected, gymnasts must have progressed from the Development Program, or have prior competitive gymnastics experience.

Gymnasts in our Competitive Teams represent the club at club invitational competitions, and Regional and State Championships.  Training hours for the Premier Competitive Teams begins at 9 per week and increases up to 20+ hours per week as a gymnast progresses through the levels.  Classes are held at our Brisbane and Bayside locations.


If you would like to enquire about joining one of our Development or Competitive teams please contact our office:  (07) 3249 9376


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